Hi, I'm Joep Houterman-Timmers

A little bit about me.

Business minded, Agile User Experience Designer. Healthcare, education & e-commerce. Great cook. Loves the outdoors. Has cat.

Design Philosophy

A little bit about my philosophy.

  • Defining success for solving the problems of your company & users
  • Designing smart solutions that provide business value to your company
  • Validating designs to ensure efficacy and provide roadmaps
  • Reflect & learn to optimize future projects

What can I help you with?

All kinds of things, including but not limited to...

  • Rapid conceptualization for products using Design Sprints
  • Customer identification and segmentation
  • Interactive wire frames & user testing
  • Certified Product Owner, Agile delivery management of assets
  • Able to collaborate with many types of (international) stakeholders and suppliers, ensuring expectations are streamlined & realistic
  • Thorough knowledge of process analysis & IT technology, ensuring your product reaches your clients as fast and as evolved as possible